Blog - January 7, 2018

I sit here in the dawn and stare at the rug on the floor; it’s so hard (the feeling has returned). I hear her voice, “You and your precious Persian carpets” Ariana use to say to her Baba. A loving tease for sure after he would tell Ariana to take off her shoes before entering the house.

Blog - September 11, 2017

A day to remember.. so much heartache for so many people. My thoughts turn and I feel compelled to write to Ann Straw and invite her and her husband to our home for dinner.

Blog - January 27, 2017

Here's just another morning of quiet, painful wondering... how I am going to fill up this day with meaningless busy stuff? Yesterday, I had to drive down to Monterey and take care of business with the PB house.

Blog - January 8, 2017

My head is clouded and crowded with overlapping faces and snippets of conversation with many people from the day before. I remember trying multiple times to compose myself; I just wanted to walk out of that reception hall, go home and crawl under the covers.

Blog - January 7, 2017

My eyes opened very early again in the dark shadows of our bedroom. Dawn is but a sliver of light as I look across the bay and past the Dumbarton bridge. The fleeting rain and wind may hold off just enough so that Ariana's memorial won't become a bleak, soggy gathering of people who may struggle to offer some warmth and comfort.

Blog - December 23, 2016

Ariana was laid to rest on a hill overlooking a canyon. A glimpse of the Pacific Ocean can be seen through the distant trees on a sunny day. Today was not sunny by any means. Cold gusts of wind and driving rain came down when we slowly followed the hearse to the grave site.

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