Message From Ariana ~


AMHF is working with Bryan Kingston, a well-known producer of Kingston Media to produce two documentaries that are similar in scope but are made to target two different audiences. Both documentaries’ will aim to increase awareness of domestic violence/abusive relationships; identify the negative effects on the victims and how to help a friend who is experiencing domestic violence. One documentary will be created to educate high school and college students on campuses within San Mateo County and San Francisco State University students. 

The second documentary will be made in partnership with San Mateo County’s Domestic Violence Prevention Unit and will be geared towards educating victims of domestic violence during judicial proceedings. It will be impactful for increasing awareness, recognizing signs and getting help with the goal to ultimately reduce this type of crime in San Mateo County and beyond. In production, we’ll utilize common footages to serve both audiences (High school/college age and actual victims/survivors) with specific requirements for each edited audience.

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