Values and Guiding Principles

Survivor-Centric Focus

Our work is led by the voices of survivors and their advocates. We at AMHF approach without judgment. Our response is a call to listen and prioritize the needs and requests of women in despair. Our compassion and drive to support women who are survivors of violence is rooted in our own tragedy and loss of our daughter. Her guiding spirit will help us in our endeavor to reach out and make a positive impact on survivors.

Holistic Healing

A holistic approach is a concept that AMHF supports. We see the survivor as a whole person and do not focus too narrowly on a single symptom. We will consider all paths of health & healing through various modalities that address a person’s emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological well being.


It is crucial that women be advocate for themselves and to break free from cycles of violence. They should be equipped with basic resilience tools and information that allow them to safely and effectively respond to threats, recognize warning signs and how to de-escalate a hostile or violent confrontation. AMHF aims to facilitate learning and create opportunities for women to identify what is most helpful to them and is led by their own strengths and skill sets.


AMHF is a work in progress and is expected to evolve with the ever changing needs of the individuals and communities we serve. We endeavor to use forward thinking, testing of new ideas while maintaining standards of excellence in our work to end violence against women and children.


From the outset, we honor the history and achievements of those who have come before us by affirming and supporting the work of existing organizations. It is our intention to engage partners from both the private and public sectors to share ideas and create initiatives that are collaborative and directly supports our mission at AMHF.

Sustainable Practices

The AMHF believes in setting clear, reasonable expectations for ourselves and others, recognizing that it’s necessary to do our work sustainably. We acknowledge the fact that thoughtful study, balance, flexibility and self-nourishment is not only important for our constituents but also for ourselves.


We are committed to open and clear communication that foster sincere interactions and a free exchange of ideas. Should misunderstandings or differences in opinions arise, we are dedicated to work towards timely resolutions that are within our means. We welcome positive and constructive feedback for the purpose of self-enrichment and foundation improvement as a whole. It is our intention to use active (deep) listening with one another to ensure mutual respect of ideas and opinions.

Gratitude and Mindful Conduct

We recognize that being thankful is fundamental to health and well-being. We therefore commit to practicing gratitude by conveying genuine appreciation to the people we engage ourselves with and to the people we serve. We challenge ourselves to not use gratuitous language and not take things for granted. We embrace our work with curiosity and optimism, knowing that this fosters gratitude.