Our Mission

Relationship abuse and domestic violence are a fateful everyday occurrence. The Ariana Mae Hatami Foundation (AMHF) is a place where we work through and in partnership with local agencies that are aligned with our purpose. We provide added resources so that victims of domestic violence will receive an extra layer of help. Our purpose is to help connect people, be a liaison to someone who is lost or does not know where to turn because they have become victimized.

Under the Ariana Mae Hatami Foundation (AMHF), there are no elite boundaries or social classes in order to receive the aid (financial or emotional) that is available to meet the needs of women who truly need it. AMHF operates on the “big heart” philosophy that was conceived from the young woman herself. Ariana told the people around her that she has a big heart and from that fundamental principle, we will strive to remove barriers that would otherwise cause additional hardship.