Our Mission

The Ariana Mae Hatami Foundation (AMHF)’s mission is to educate community members and potential victims on the signs of abuse, where to refer someone for services and how to help. In honor of Ariana, we work to prevent abuse and educate so that others can live without fear from domestic violence.

It is crucial that women in our society be advocates for themselves, empowered to break free from cycles of violence. Women should be equipped with basic resilience tools and information that allow them to safely and effectively respond to threats, recognize warning signs and how to de-escalate a hostile or violent confrontation.

We have established the Ariana Mae Hatami endowment scholarship at San Francisco State University to provide assistance in the form of scholarships to college students freeing themselves of domestic violence so that lives can be positively transformed. We will consider and vet every potential candidate with compassion, dignity and strive to achieve a mutual trust between parties.

The Ariana Mae Hatami Scholarship was established and the first recipient received their award Fall, 2019. For full description, go to https://titleix.sfsu.edu/ariana-mae-hatami-scholarship-victims-domestic-violence