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ba, y4, 9xc, Blog - January 27, 2017 - Ariana Mae Hatami Foundation

Here’s just another morning of quiet, painful wondering… how I am going to fill up this day with meaningless busy stuff? Yesterday, I had to drive down to Monterey and take care of business with the PB house. Alone in my thoughts always of you Ariana, my heart breaks again and again. I wail to God, “Why did you let this happen to my little girl, Lord?” “Why didn’t you keep her safe from that evil who took her life?” “I remember praying to you so many times in the past; asking you to protect her when she brought us so much trouble. Why does this feel so much like a betrayal?” Oh my sweet daughter, you were asleep when your life was ripped away from you. Are you not angry? Is this possible in heaven? Do you yell at the Lord as you once did to me in life? If only I could hear your angry shouts again; I’ll take it without hesitation and embrace it. I love you so so much my darling. Where is your peace? I pray you have it in the loving arms of our Lord. Ariana, please grace your mother with your peace and everlasting love. I need you more than you need me for sure.

Between the very early morning hours of 12:00 am and 1:00 am on December 17, 2016, our beloved daughter Ariana was brutally murdered while she was asleep in the confines of her private studio apartment in Daly City, CA. Only hours before, she had worked a very long day at First Republic Bank. She was also deep into final exams at San Francisco State. She came home Friday evening of the 16th exhausted. She had a conversation over the phone with her dad who was helping her with one of her exams. Before hanging up the phone, the last thing she said to him was, “I love you Baba”.

Ariana’s words, “I have a big heart” rings in our ears. She wanted to forgive this person who verbally, psychologically and physically abused her over the last two years. In the last month of her life, Ariana told her parents that she was just friends with him now but this still did not appease us in the least. Countless times her mom and dad would individually plead to her to stay away from this person who made her life miserable on numerous occasions and kept stalking her throughout 2016. In spite of a restraining order she had imposed on him, he still managed to insert himself into her life by showing up in public places where he knew where she was. By the Fall, Ariana seemed to be more independent than ever and was doing so well for herself at the bank and at school. Tragically, our little girl; this beautiful woman with the big heart was so blindsided. She let this evil into her studio apartment that Friday evening because he just wanted to talk. Ariana was by no means a pushover to anyone but this person managed to disguise his groveling and weasel himself in again and for the last time.

They had words that must have left him feeling inadequate, inferior, and intensely envious of Ariana. Ariana had this big wonderful life; the love and strong support of her family; successful career and her college graduation was imminent. This person couldn’t stand it and he ripped everything away from her. She did not know what hit her and I pray to Almighty God that she did not suffer. If she had been awake our daughter would have fought like a tiger and she would have beaten him down into the slimy coward he is. Ariana being so very tired from the stresses of the day, fell asleep in front of the TV. She must’ve thought that he would let himself out. She had a trusting soul and never would she fathom that this evil would take every good thing away from her. Her love and light was gone from our world in an instant. It is our intention as Ariana’s parents, to keep her light glowing. We pray to her and the Lord Jesus Christ that her big heart will continue to grow and never diminish. “Ariana, we call to your loving soul so that your mom and dad can find and feel your peace. Your love that will never cease to exist and we want to spread it to others in need. This is the essence of your foundation.” It is our intention, to reach out to young women who are unable to free themselves from abusive relationships. With God’s grace, we hope to establish a non-for-profit global village of networking resources and funds available for victims and their families. They are our priority and perhaps Ariana Mae Hatami’s foundation will provide some aid to those who need it the most.